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Glass is 100% recyclable.  It has an unlimited life and can be melted and recycled endlessly to make new glass products with no loss in quality.  Yet in the United States, only about one-third gets recycled with the rest filling landfills.

Our goal here at E Squared Glass is to craft unique functional products from discarded bottles. Our passion is learning and creating.   With gratitude to our customers, our story continues to allow our passion

Who is E Squared Glass?

Hi!  My name is Evan.  I am the self-taught craftsman of E Squared Glass.  This whole idea started in late 2014 I saw a video titled “How to Cut Glass Bottles with a String and Fire.”  Thinking it would be cool to have glasses from wine and beer bottles I decided to try it and failed.  Doing my research, trying and failing many times, I was finally able come up with a process to both to cut and fire polish the edges to of a bottle to create an unique drinking glass.  Somewhere in there I bought a kiln and learned how to melt or slump bottles to make serving trays.  

While I was learning this new hobby my then fiancée , Eileen, (the better looking side of E squared) and I were planning our wedding in August of 2015.   We wanted an outdoor wine themed wedding and these glasses and trays would be perfect wedding favors.  We had a beautiful wedding and our guest loved the favors so much that I decided to continue my wine bottle creations. Thus was the birth of E Squared Glass.

A few years, 2 kids, and a move later, I am still saving bottles from landfills and to make unique creations.  Please feel free to look around the store. There is a wide variety of up-cycled glass creations. Have an idea or an empty bottle you would love to have made into something? Send me a message.

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